Recent years,precast concrete hollow core wall panel is more and more used in construction site as a wall system by many Developers, Consultants and building companies
In the same time, the installation of concrete wall panel is one problem.
In the past , all installation work of concrete wall panel was done by labor. It is not only affect work efficiency, but also bring safety problems, workers may suffer injury due to the fatigue, heavy lifting and breakage of panel during the installation operation.

To solve this questions,precast Concrete wall panel installer machine come out.

Why is so popular for this wall panel installer machine.

1. It can reduce the labor intensity by using hydraulic oil cylinders to complete the grasping, handling, and installation of the panel.
2. It can reduce the damage to the panel by using hydraulic clamps and left and right hydraulic side shift systems to complete installation and splicing at the same time.
3. It can mprove work efficiency, save labor
4.Ensure the personal safety of installation workers.

Here Share some pictures of machine working: