Fully automatic Lego brick production line 

Introduction to Lego brick:

Lego brick is also called Great Wall Bricks is processed through a series of processes such as pressing, moulding and curing by mixture materials of cement + stone powder, fly ash, construction waste, etc.,

The Great Wall brick is hollow hole brick in the middle, without the need for wall grooves and pre-embedding.

It has many functions such as water and electricity pipelines, HVAC, air conditioning, fresh air, intelligence, fire protection and smoke exhaust.

Comprehensive pipe gallery inside the wall, the wall structure can be reinforced  and load-bearing by pouring the inner holes of the bricks from top to bottom.

No need for cement mortar masonry and internal and external wall painting, it can do quick construction and assembly by using mortise and tenon structure.

Great Wall bricks have the characteristics of light weight, cheap materials, good appearance,high construction efficiency and good thermal insulation effect.

-JS145×88-60 CNC molding machine

This Great Wall brick production line is independently developed by our company. Its Main machine adopts a three-beam and four-column structure. So structural performance is more stable and durable.

Raw materials atre mixed by a mixer machine and formed by a press under high pressure. This machine has high production efficiency, high degree automation and program control.
It has many advantages such as high pressure, high density, good strength, accurate dimensions, etc.
Adopting microcomputer “PLC” program control, it is an advanced equipment integrating mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic and computer automation control.

-An international initiative, ahead of the times and contributing to society.
-high degree automation, easy operation, high production efficiency, low cost, low labor intensity, low energy consumption and no pollution.
-Only 3-5 people are needed to operate the complete set of equipment
– Final cement brick : 117*237*477mm

The dimensions are accurate, the pressure is high, the strength is high, and the density is high. It has good bending resistance, durability and elegant taste.chart of Lego brick production line

Lego brick and application

Technical data:

Molding pressure: 600 tons Total motor power of line 100KW
Production efficiency: 6-8 pieces/minute Weight 28 Tons
Main motor power:30KW Dimension 2000mm×2400mm×4800mm
    1. Distributing machine: overall dimensions 3400mm×1650mm×2900mm
    2. Lifting mixer: specifications: 1000 liters (matching: 2 18.5KW motors)
    3. Supporting equipment: 7.5KW power-off automatic braking motor lifting bucket reducer,
    4. Automatic palletizer: fast speed and stable performance.
    5. Automatic brick splicing machine: 3300mm×1300mm×1450mm (power 1.1kw)