5 things you may not know about Slight Cold

In a blink of an eye, the coldest Slight Cold of the year come today. Slight cold is the 23rd solar term of the 24 traditional Chinese solar terms.Then what changes will happen during slight cold?5 things you may not know about Slight Cold

5 things you may not know about Slight Cold


After the cold, china’s climate began to enter the coldest time of the year. As the saying goes, the air-conditioning has been cold for a long time. At this time, the weather is cold, the cold has not yet reached the extreme, so called small cold. Because the temperature is very low, wheat, fruit trees, melon vegetables, livestock and poultry are particularly vulnerable to freezing cold.

2.Cultivation of farming

At this time,farmers continue to grasp the cultivation of spring flower crops,and do a good work for anti-freeze and anti-humidity, and strive for a good harvest of spring flowers.


As the saying goes, “Slight cold, cold into an ice ball.”
On the diet, mutton hot pot, eat sugar fried chestnuts, roasted sweet potatoes become a small cold fashion, in the folk, small cold has to eat porridge, eat yellow sprouts, eat rice customs.

3.Appropriate medication

Properly supplemented, can protect against air-conditioning attacks on the human body. In this respect ginseng, a gum, winter worm summer grass, the first Wu, the dragonfly, when returned, etc. are the best choice. Small cold health, spleen sputum, moisturizing lung food is indispensable, recommended dragon’s eye, yam, lotus seeds, sesame seeds, lilies and so on. The need for supplements varies from person to person.

4.Indoor attention to open windows ventilation and breathable

In winter, the air pressure will be relatively low and the oxygen content in the air will be relatively reduced. Indoor in order to keep warm, doors and windows closed more strictly, will be poor ventilation. This further reduces the amount of oxygen in the room, often making people feel depressed and chest tight. Many people like to sleep blindfolded, especially in winter because of the low temperature, but also some people like to put their heads, faces, mouth, nose all buried in the bed.on such case,pls keep to open window !

5.Stocking up for New Year

slight cold means that our Spring Festival is not far away.Then the The atmosphere is gradually getting stronger and stronger.
and families have begun to be busy writing couplets,cut window flowers, catch up to buy New Year paintings, lanterns, firecrackers and so on,They are one after another for the Spring Festival preparations.

In summary, Above is 5 basic knowledge about Slight cold. While For our our common people, We still stive to do our best to balance  work, health and life.

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