23 05, 2024

Advantages of the demolition-free formwork equipment


Advantages of the demolition-free formwork equipment Why do choose demolition-free formwork equipment? here we illustrate some advantages for building a house : 1. Simplify the construction process: The dismantle-free formwork equipment can be quickly installed and dismantled, which greatly shortens the construction period and improves the construction efficiency. 2. Reduce [...]

15 12, 2023

How to produce precast terrazzo stair treads


How to produce precast terrazzo stair treads The production process of precast terrazzo stair treads can be described as follows: Firstly, about the raw material preparation. The main raw materials for producing precast terrazzo stair treads are cement, stones, pigments, and other materials. Cement is used to increase the strength and [...]

14 12, 2023

Visiting the First Overseas Pig Farm of New Hope Group


Visiting the First Overseas Pig Farm of New Hope Group: Building Walls, Filtering Air, and Three-level Sanitation Measures to Fight Against African Swine Fever The first overseas pig farm of New Hope Group is located in Vietnam, where the threat of African Swine Fever (ASF) is ever-present. Strict control measures [...]

14 12, 2023

Best choice Cement fence wall panel for pig house


Cement fence wall panel for pig house construction Cement fence wall panels have found their application in piggery construction, providing a sturdy, long-lasting, and cost-effective alternative to traditional brick walls. These panels are often used in the construction of pig houses, where they contribute to a hygienic and efficient environment [...]

12 12, 2023

How to make concrete beam for window frame


What is concrete beam ? Concrete lintel or beam is a building component. Usually It is used above door and window openings to bear the load from above. It is made of steel bars and concrete and has the characteristics of strong bearing capacity, large span and good adaptability. How [...]

11 12, 2023

Characteristics of lightweight precast concrete panel line


Introduction to lightweight wallboard production line : lightweight wallboard production line is a new type of precast concrete wallboard equipment. The final concrete panels  is a new type walling materials. Lightweight wall panel is environmental, energy-saving, heat-insulating, and fire-resistant ,which can be integrated with frame structures, steel structures, and various [...]

10 12, 2023

Standard Manufacturing Process for Precast Concrete barriers


Standard Manufacturing Process for Precast Concrete barriers I. Introduction Precast concrete barriers are essential components widely used in infrastructure construction such as roads, bridges, and tunnels. Their quality directly impacts the safety and service life of the projects. To standardize the manufacturing process of precast concrete piers and ensure their [...]

10 12, 2023

Advantages of Concrete road barrier


Why choose Concrete road barrier Cement barrier is an effective road safety device that is widely used in traffic engineering. It has a number of advantages that make it a useful and practical addition to any roadway. Some of the key benefits of cement barriers Safety Improvement Cement barriers are [...]

10 12, 2023

Stable and upward trend for China’s foreign trade


Stable and upward trend for China's foreign trade In recent years, China's foreign trade has shown a stable and upward trend. Despite the impact of the global economic downturn and trade protectionism, China's foreign trade has maintained a robust growth rate, thanks to the continuous improvement of its export quality [...]

7 12, 2023

Raw Material and Ratio of Cement roof Tile Production


Cement roof Tile Production Raw Materials and Ratios Cement tile machines are a crucial part of the construction industry, The cement tile are used in various applications such as roofing, flooring, and landscaping. The production of cement tiles requires a carefully selected mixture of raw materials , which are mixed [...]

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