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1910, 2022

FAQ for wall panel Extrusion Machine


Before precast concrete wall panel production, some basic preparations need to be done before start. Here we list some FAQ for wall panel Extrusion Machine as follows: Q:Land required for setting up the plant? A:100*80M [...]

306, 2022

Happy Dragon Boat Festival


Dragon Boat Festival is the 5th day of the 5th lunar month. In china it is very important public holiday. How to celebrate Dragon Boat Festival In this day,Dragon boat racing can be considered the most [...]

2305, 2022

How to produce cement color roof tiles


Colored roof tiles refer to colored cement tiles, colored concrete tiles. Color tiles are new decoration materials that have emerged in recent years. Its advantages are strong pressure resistance, high bearing capacity,reasonable structure,rich color,bright surface, [...]

505, 2022

Specification of cement color roof tile


Cement colorful roof tile are formed through the mould by high pressure with reasonable ratio and The raw materials include cement sand and etc. Practice proves that The roof tiles have strong pressure resistance, strong [...]

2404, 2022

How to make Concrete fence wall caps


Precast concrete coping is called concrete fence wall caps, wall retaining caps..... It can be placed on any wall to add beauty and withdraw wind,snow,rain.etc, to protection wall. How to make Concrete fence wall caps [...]

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