dlprecast machine introduction

Dlprecast machine introduction

DLPRECASTMACHINE is professional manufacturer and exporter of precast cement machines and plants in the central of China.
The business scope are focus on the production of cement roofing tile,ridge tile,terrazzo floor tile,hollow core slab, precast cement wall board,comcrete boundary wall,and othe precast elements and crusher equipment.

Main machines and plants offering :

(1)Machinery for hydraulic cement roof tile (big and small)

Big cement roofing tile machine can product large tile such as 1230*640mm,1080*640,980*640; while small type machine can produce tile size 424*337mm.

(2)Machinery for hydraulic cement ridge tile (big and small)

Cement ridge tile machine can produce concrete ridge in half round shape or V shape or other shape according to local culture.

(3)Machinery for terrazzo floor tile (in different size)

The common size Terrazzo floor tile machine produced are 400*400mm or smaller size , which is mainly for ourdoor.
while concrte terrazzo tile such as 600*600mm,600*800mm,etc are applicated in indoor .

(4)Machinery for precast concrete wall panel (for interior and exterior)

Usually 900*600mm precast concrete wall panel are used in interior wall while cement wall slab such as 150*600mm,180*600mm,200*600mm are widely used in exterior wall.

(5)Machinery for concrete fence wall (for yards and farming)

Cement fence wall can consist of H columm and fence slab.
Concrete H columm machinery and Cement fence slab machine can produce different size to meet the demand of yards and farming .
(6)Machinery for hollow core floor slab
(7)Machinery for concrete mixer
(8)Machinery for concrete crusher
(9)Machinery for New jersey barrier
(10)Machinery for Interlock Paver laying (tigerstone pavement)
(11)Machinery for other concrete product

To meet different clients demand,DLPRECASTMACHINE can not only offer solutions to clients from single machines to complete precast projects design,but also we have excellent pre-sale team for you.Besides, PRECAST MACHINE will appoint engineering and technical personnel to the user site for debugging and commissioning, and do training work.

Please send us your inquiries if you want to know about Dlprecast machine introduction and quotation.