Q: What business scope does DLPRECASTMACHINR deal in ?

DLPRECASTMACHINR are specialized in the sale of precast cement machines and plants for the production of cement roofing tile,terrazzo floor tile,hollow core slab, precast cement wall board,comcrete boundary wall,and othe precast elements.

Q: How to get quick quotation ?
You should inform the prefabricated machine name,the final prefabricated product size, the annual budget,etc.

Q: What is transport route?
Precast machine belong to medium machine.Sea transport is best solution.Sea port can be Tianjin port,Qingdao port,shanghai port.

Q:What is delivery date?
The delivery time of a single machine is about 10 days, and the production line needs about 15-20 days.The delivery date of the customized machine needs to be determined.

Q:What service do you offer.

We offer online guilance or Installation and debugging service on site depending on client demand;Original accessories are always available .

Q: what is the composition of cement colored roof tiles?
A: Cement colorful roof tiles are made of Portland cement, yellow coarse sand, water and paint.
Q: what is the life of cement colored roof tiles?
A: We can assure that cement colored roof tiles from our machines can last 50 years even longer.
In GermanyWe have seen the cement colored tile roof protect the roof structure up to 150 years!
Q: What is the type of cement tile machine?
A:Roughly,there are two types, large cement roofing tile machine and Small cement roofing tile machine.
The size of the large tile machine products are 1230x640mm, 1080x640mm, 980*640mm, etc.
The size of the small tile machine is 424×337, and various accessory tiles can be produced by changing the mold.

Q:What is Terrazzo Floor Tile Machine?
A:Terrazzo Floor Tile Machine can be used for manufacturing product cement floor tile with thickness 20-40mm, for laying family yard, sidewalk, square, school floor,etc.
Q:What raw material does it use to produce floor tile?
A:The raw materials are low-cost use cement , stone powder,gravel,pigment, etc
Q:what is the work process ofterrazzo floor tile production line?
A:The work process is : Bucket elevator—mixer—dosing machine—terrazzo tile press machine —natural curing—polishing machine—finished.

Precast Concrete Beam Machine can be used to produce different shape and size beam, such as T shape,H shape,L shape, ect according to different construction application.

Precast concrete wall panel machine is used to  produce lighweight non-load bearing partition wall panels.

Many models machine can be choice, such as JQT9*60,JQT10*60,JQT12*60,JQT15*60,JQT20*60,etc.

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Q: what is new jersey barrier machine?

New jersey barrier machine is called precast concrete jersey barriers making machine,road barrier forming machine,roadside barriers making machine,It can be used to produce precast concretejersey barrier for Traffic Safety.

Q: what length can the concrete jersey barriers be done?

It can be 2m,4m ,5m, etc according to application.

Brick road laying machine is called “Tiger-Stone” machine, it is used to build brick road for the sidewalk, greenbelt, park footpath, communities, and squares. We have different models for choice. Welcome to inquiry details  to here. Click more.