Assembly building development prospect in near future

Under the influences of “Made in Germany 4.0” and “Made in China 2025”, the world construction industry is experiencing new changes.With new concepts &models emerging,assembly building will go beyond the present scope in the future .So WE think the trend of Construction industry will be the assembly building! and Assembly building development prospect in near future will be bright!

prospect of assembly building

Aspects for Assembly building development prospect:

1.The advantages and construction industrialization reformation

Compared with tradtional cast-in-place reinforced concrete buildings, the assembly building adopt new method.That is to say, First,finish production of concrete beam,plank,column,and exterior wall in the factory,then do curing and quality inspection.After that, transport to construction site for installation.
These change also resulted in changes in its operating model and construction philosophy.
In near future, The trend will be more and more green,energy-saving and environmental. It  meets people’s demand for high-quality buildings,but also can promote the development of new urbanization.

2.Policy Subsidy

Since 2013, In Many provinces and cities in China,They have introduced new policies to support the development of assembly-type buildings in investment, fiscal taxation, land transfer, marketing and other aspects.
Among these, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Changsha, Anhui Hefei and so on are doing very well.

3. Rising labor costs

The traditional mode is a typical labor-intensive production method.In the past few decades, this model has benefited from the abundant labor resources.But with the demographic dividend disappearing and labour costs rising rapidly, this model will be unsustainable.
While,AS one new construction method ,the assembly building can greatly improve production efficiency and reduce manpower demand,more importantly,It can gain cost advantage over rising labor cost.

4.Increasing demand for talIents 

Recently, china government released a new list of occupations,and assembly-style construction workers is in the top list!Under the new situation, the industry has put forward new requirements for employees, and the demand in the market has steadily increased.

5.Complex talent in short supply

At present, The situation is that labor resources is in short supply in the world’s construction industry, especially in the assembly-type buildings areas, and workers for lifting, handling, assembly and connection,etc are in short sharply!

In summary, Assembly building development prospect in near future although some disadvantages exist.
We believe that Assembly-style buildings will be development trend in the near future! and We should be prepared for their arrival!