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6 12, 2023

How to import Large Tile Machine from China


Importing a Large Tile Machine from China The process of importing a large tile machine from China can be complex and challenging, but with the right knowledge and resources, it can be a successful endeavor. Some steps for importing a large tile machine from China The following steps outline the [...]

5 12, 2023

Visiting to the factory of Small Concrete Roof Tile


Experience of Visiting a Small Concrete Roof Tile Manufacturing Factory Recently, I had the opportunity to visit a small concrete roof tile manufacturing factory, and the experience was truly eye-opening. The factory, located in a rural area not far from my city, was a bustling hub of activity, with machines [...]

5 12, 2023

Advantage of the equipment of no-demolition formwork


Advantages of no-demolition formwork equipment No-demolition formwork equipment is a commonly used tool in the construction industry. It provides workers with a safe and effective way to create a variety of structures, such as foundations, walls, and floors. It is a type of advanced form-work that does not require demolition [...]

5 06, 2023

How to use terrazzo stone tile polishing machine


How to use terrazzo stone tile polishing machine Introduction to terrazzo stone tile grind polish machine: This machine involves a series of grinding stone tile equipment, widely used in various terrazzo tiles, stone tiles in square or nearly square shape. This is a new equipment for grinding and polishing and [...]

2 06, 2023

Process of Terrazzo brick production


How to process terrazzo brick Terrazzo brick production process is a complex process that requires precision and attention to detail. General outline of the production process: Raw material selection: The first step in terrazzo brick production involves selecting the appropriate raw materials. These raw materials may include cement, coloured glass, [...]

15 04, 2023

Why choose installer machine of prefabricated wall panel


Choice of Prefabricated Wall Panel Installer Machine: -a modern and efficient building material installation method With the continuous development of technology, the construction industry is also gradually transforming, seeking more efficient, safe and environmentally friendly building material installation methods. Precast wall panel installer machine is such a solution, which integrates [...]

14 01, 2023

Follow to Chinese diplomacy to do export business


China's new foreign minister began a seven-day African tour at the start of the New Year, continuing a 33-year diplomatic tradition. In order to further deepen China-Africa comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership and promote China-Africa friendly cooperation, Foreign Minister Qin Gang visited Ethiopia, Gabon, Angola, Benin, Egypt, the headquarters of the [...]

19 10, 2022

FAQ for wall panel Extrusion Machine


Before precast concrete wall panel production, some basic preparations need to be done before start. Here we list some FAQ for wall panel Extrusion Machine as follows: Q:Land required for setting up the plant? A:100*80M Q:Can we cast 2 Line slabs in single bed? Slab Size as per our drawing [...]

17 10, 2022

Precast equipment push Chinese modernization


Precast equipment push Chinese modernization the 20th CPC National Congress was hold in October 16, 2022, during this conference, china president xi says The CPC aims to basically realize socialist modernization from 2020 through 2035 and build China into a great modern socialist country that is prosperous, strong, democratic, culturally [...]

3 08, 2022

Installer machine of Precast concrete wall panel


With the continuous increase of high-rise buildings, all kinds of light partition wall panel are used in large quantities, while the majority of installation are done by labor. In this way, the installation speed is slow, and have high labor intensity , the safety factor is low. besides,the overall strength [...]

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