How to lay a brick walkway efficiently-brick road laying machine boost laying road fast

The most scenes for lay a brick walkway traditionally are that

brick road laying by hand

People squat/kneel and shove the bricks into place on the ground and make laying in hand, it is a waste of time and labor, also low efficient.

This Labor intensive laying is very Low efficient.with the labor shortage and increast salary, this type laying is not economical.

Another scene  for paving brick road here will show is this:

Put the bricks into feeding slot, and then a large neat pavement will come out from the exit of the brick laying machine.
The pavement is beautiful and elegant and the whole process is as simple and fast as laying a large carpet!

This machine laying need Less labor,Maximum 5-6 labor required
it is easy to operate and efficient,one 5.7m machine can replace 35 labors, and machine can level the sand pad automatically.

Recently, at the road site of the extension and reconstruction section in Lanzhou New District, there were bursts of machine roars . Pieces of square pedestrian bricks were being placed on the conveyor belt one after another. In a blink of an eye, a large piece of block sidewalk were laid neatly on the pavement.

concrete Block Interlocking Paver Machine

This machine is called concrete Block Interlocking Paver Machine,Brick road laying machine,tiger stone Paving machine,etc.
It can lays beautiful and durable brick roads automatically,and the overall brick laying effect is uniform and smooth.
This machine only need requires 9 workers on site to complete all brick laying processes,and the brick laying speed is fast and efficient, and the effect of laying bricks is neat and beautiful.

This new type of pavement brick automatic laying machine is an ideal product for urban construction and greening, marking a new level for my country’s brick laying project。

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