Introduction to Cement fence wall

Cement fence wall refers to concrete compound boundary wall.It is new emerging precast wall in rural areas or townships.Here let us give simple Cement fence wall introduction from some aspects below.Concrete Compound Boundary Walls

Advantage of Cement fence wall :

Durable:high strength, anti-folding, anti-bending, anti-pull, anti-freeze, anti-impact. and Protection function is superior to iron.

Low cost:the main materials are sand cement stone,and the cost is only one-third of the iron.

Convenient construction :with local and overall careful design, it is easy to install.
Easy to maintain: long life, anti-aging, maintenance costs are much lower than iron.
Wide application:it can use in Garden , factory, warehouse,rural courtyards, farms, temporary circles, engineering use ,warehouse, pigsty…

Costing of Cement fence wall :

Cement fence walls cost refers to the total expense of fence wall making, installation and transportation.
While fence wall price varies depend on cement market and installation cost. and installation expense should be determined according to the vary according to the region , and transortation price will do too.

Installation of Cement fence wall

For the construction of prefabriited fence wall,Firstly,Do foundation excavation,Then pour concrete for pre-bury.While for the whole process,please do use professional level measurements to ensure that prefabribriited cement wall is in a straight line.For this fence wall,you will have no fear of maintenance and painting work in the construction.

A 5cm thick fence panel is 2m long and 50cm wide. Because of this,For 2m high prefabrised cement wall,it will need four plates. So it is five boards for 2.5m high fence wall. For column height, it equals the total height plus underground pre-buried legs.the inside of the column is slot,which can stick with with the card slot cement board. during installation.Of course ,We can do Special-size walls according to client demand.

In summary,Above  is Cement fence wall introduction.Welcome to contact us for any technology .Please click here.

Concrete Compound Boundary Walls equipment

The video of Client H  column fence panel making for Concrete Compound Boundary Walls projects is below:

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