Color cement roof tile application feeback from Client

Recently,we received some questions from our cement roof tile machine . while These questions are mainly related to the application of concrete roofing sheet. Here  for Color cement roof tile application feeback from Client,we made some summaries:

color cement roof tile application

1.Under what circumstances, will the cement roof tile be damaged easily?

Usually it happen in these case:
people walk rudely on the roofing, or concrete tiles are laid too close or there are sinking area in the house.

2.If there are broken cement tiles on the roof, will the roofing leak during the coming rainly season?
Usually not, Many roof waterproof materials can provide the second guarantee. But users should replace those damaged tiles as soon as possible to ensure that rainwater can stay on the roof and protect the asphalt from the sun.

3.Can people walk on the cement tile roofing?

Yes, it can.But should be careful because walking on any sloping roof is a very dangerous thing.
If users want to clean windows or install landscape lights on your roofing, They should stand on one-third of the roof and place your body weight close to the roof. As we know,For professional people, who need to install tiles or clean chimneys and have to stay on the roof for a long time, they need install a board to reduce the weight of people and some tools.

4. Life of cement roof tile

The tile life can be as long as 50 years or even longer.

In conclusion, above is some Client color cement roof tile application feeback.Of course. With more installation of cement roof tiles ,Many more questions will pop up. As the full support of clients, Welcome to inquiry us to get instance answer.

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