Paving stone laying machine is suitable for the pavement, tree lawn, garden trails, squares and other places to pave concrete paver brick, water permeable pavement, sintering brick road brick, etc..
The common Laying brick types are L pattern, herringbone pattern, linear pattern and fancy double linear pattern and so on. The road after laying looks Elegant, beautiful and neat.

Feature of Paving stone laying machine

Why choose Paving stone laying machine to lay brick road, it jus because this machine has special features:

  • Adhering to the design concept of low carbon, energy saving and environmental protection since the beginning of its design.
  • driven by green energy electric power (ordinary 220V electric power can be driven).The total rated power is 3KW, and the running operating power is 2.2KW. So it can achieve the requirements of low energy consumption, no pollution, zero emissions and high efficiency.
  • Use advanced production techniques such as high-quality steel, high-precision special gearboxes, stainless steel guide plates, high-quality electrical appliances, and wireless operating systems.
  • It has beautiful appearance, the quality is reliable, sturdy, durable, and the operation is safe, simple and convenient.
  • The transmission system adopts fully enclosed lubrication measures without disassembly and maintenance, and the maintenance and maintenance costs are extremely low.
  • The width of the brick pavement can be adjusted according to the construction requirements.
    Actual paving width can be from 2 meters to max paving width to 5.7 meters.
  • Equipped with a speed control regulator, the laying speed can be selected arbitrarily.

Usually The driving speed of machine is from low speed 12cm/min to high speed 4m/min.
Generally, A group of 4 people can easily lay more than 500square meters per day.It can save time and labor,greatly to improve work efficiency and reduce labor intensity.

  • It is an is ideal machine for municipal engineering and garden construction.

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