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China’s new foreign minister began a seven-day African tour at the start of the New Year, continuing a 33-year diplomatic tradition.

In order to further deepen China-Africa comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership and promote China-Africa friendly cooperation, Foreign Minister Qin Gang visited Ethiopia, Gabon, Angola, Benin, Egypt, the headquarters of the African Union and the League of Arab States from January 9 to 16 at invitation.

African media believe that this visit by the new Chinese foreign minister will further consolidate the China-Africa strategic partnership based on equality, mutual benefit and long-term stability.

Egypt’s Izvestia newspaper said that Qin’s visit to Africa is his diplomatic “debut” after taking office. It is also a continuation of the tradition of China’s foreign ministers choosing Africa for their New Year visits since 1991, which highlights China’s importance to Africa, so it has attracted special attention.

According to the Tunisian Morning Post, relatives are getting closer and friends are getting deeper. The new diplomatic moves of the new Chinese Foreign minister in the New Year highlight the particularity and significance of Africa-China relations. In the New Year, Africa and China will hold closer hands and Africa will embrace China more and more.

For Foreign Minister Qin Gang’s visit will concretely promote China-Africa cooperation to write a new chapter, let us  looking forward to see.

Liu Hongwu, director of the Institute of African Studies at Zhejiang Normal University, told the Global Times on Wednesday that African countries are entering a new stage of economic development this year, and China has a series of major projects to be implemented in the fields of economic and trade cooperation with Africa, industrial and production capacity cooperation, digital economy and the Belt and Road Initiative. China and Africa will also inject new vitality into their cooperation in health care and climate change. In addition, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and the “anti-globalization” in Europe and the United States have caused many troubles to Africa, such as food crisis and inflation, resulting in a sharp increase in the foreign debt of many African countries and the deterioration of their financial situation. These issues are of particular concern to African countries and are part of the direction of China-Africa cooperation this year.

Influencd by these big environment, Believe that China-Africa foreign trade cooperation will reach a new level in 2023.
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