How to use terrazzo stone tile polishing machine

Introduction to terrazzo stone tile grind polish machine: terrazzo stone tile polishing machine

This machine involves a series of grinding stone tile equipment, widely used in various terrazzo tiles, stone tiles in square or nearly square shape. This is a new equipment for grinding and polishing and fixing the thickness.

With the rapid development of urban construction, the quality of urban pavement construction has improved a lot.

Now terrazzo tiles with various designs and colors occupy the main area of city sidewalk construction by its elegant taste and durable performance.

Other hand, domestic production of terrazzo tile is made by hand. It has low productivity, high cost, covers big area, also meet great pollution, and dust.

Big energy consumption and sewage splashes serious intensely.

How to improve efficiency and reduce costs, pollution is one urgent issue for terrazzo tiles suppliers.

According to market demand, Our factory organizes a group of technicians and developed this new automatic grinding stone brick series equipment after research, trials.

The Feature of the grinding machine

Advancedness and novelty are the biggest characteristics.

  • The unique design and novel appearance of the machine are completely different from similar products.
  • The high degree of automation, clever structure, simple operation, high quality and convenient maintenance are its characteristics.
  • Only one operator is needed.
  • The whole process of transfer station, disc compression, water supply is realized automatically.
  • It can complete rough, medium, fine grinding and polishing work at one time.
  • The hydraulic transmission structure has small volume, light weight, low noise and low power consumption.
  • When the upper grinding head rotates, the tiles rotate with it, resulting in significant polishing effect.
  • The quick-change design on the grinder allows for easier and faster replacement of worn or accidentally damaged parts.
  • The environment is pollution-free, fully enclosed, without water splashing or dust flying. This improves the working conditions for workers and solves the serious problem of operators of the original product being prone to developing rheumatoid arthritis.
  • The production efficiency is high, several times higher than the original product.
  • There are many types available, able to grind and polish various natural stone materials, terrazzo material, refractory material, steel and so on.
  • The wide range of application includes grinding and polishing square or nearly square tiles.

The function of main structure and working principle:

  • Rotary disc can rotate automatically. It is used for the switch of grinding

and polishing station. It belong to the intermittent motion mechanism with 6 station .Each station in the order as follows:

(1)coarse grinding. (2) fine grinding. (3) dynomizing. (4) coarse polishing. (5) the fine polishing. (6) remove the finished tile and the put the unfinished tile.

  • The disc Assembly. It is used for the fix and rotating of unfinished tile.

Tile is put inside of disc groove, no need clamp device. Tile station have brake position so that the tile can be taken out and replaced.

  •   grinding head structure. it is for tile grinding and polishing. Grinding head system has 5 station with 5 head device controlled by programs , which can lift automatically and pressure can be adjusted separately.

Grinding head with ball structure and pre-tensile spring make natural alignment between grinding head and tile to reach the best result of grinding and polishing.  Quick change design make replacement quick and easy.

It start to grind and polish when forward, while to remove when reverse.

  1. grinding head can add one thickness adjustment device according to demand.
  2. water supply device. Large diameter pipes into small pipe,  can increase water flow rate and shaft pressurized water makes water volume adjustable, cooling, lubrication, and rinse effect.
  3. the combined sewage drain system is for collection of sewage discharge, reduce equipment noise, easy to transport.
  4. shield with easy open design is a safety device for grinding and polishing.

It can prevent dust and water splashes as well as abrasive, brick Pei accidentally broken splash. Also facilitates the replacement of grind stone.

  1. integrated hydraulic station and electrical control cabinet are used  for equipment automation control program.

Parameter of terrazzo stone tile polishing machine

MZJ-3040 polish machine
1. Oil pump station motor 4 grade-4kw
2. Grinder motor 6 grade 27.5kw
3. Grinding block 5pc
4.Brick size 300mm,400mm
5.Capacity 200M2—350M2/shift
6.Dimension 2000*1750mm
7.Weight 2800KG


MZJ-4050 polish machine
1. Oil pump station motor 4 grade-4kw
2. Grinder motor 6 grade 27.5kw
3. Grinding block 5shift
4.Brick size 400mm,500mm
5.Capacity 250M2—350M2/shift
6.Dimension 2400*2110mm
7.Weight 3500KG


MZJ-5060 polish machine
1. Oil pump station motor 4 grade-4kw
2. Grinder motor 6 grade 27.5kw
3. Grinding block 5pc
4.Brick size 500mm,600mm
5.Capacity 250M2—350M2/shift
6.Dimension 2680*2110mm
7.Weight 4000KG


  1. Electrical Schematic diagram

VII. Hydraulic connections diagram

VIII. Water connection diagram

  1. Operating rules

(1)  Should check whether some strange is placed on the device before starting the device foreign check whether  oil circuit, electricity circuit and water circuit are normal.

(2) check whether the bricks is put in each station in advance , then  you can start grinding head motor.

(3) Make sure turn on main power supply, set the grinding time, before start the pump motor.

(4) make sure that the set pressure is normal before starting grinding head motor.


Ten, the after-sales service.

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This product is subject to change without prior notice.

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