Introduction to Automatic big cement roof tile production line:

  • Automatic large cement roof tile production line can be used for producing large concrete roof tile.
  • It adopt fully hydraulic and pneumatic and PLC programming control.
  • The production speed can reach 3-4 pieces/minute, It has high yield and excellent performance.
  • Molded by pressing and filtering, the product has a perfect structure, many varieties, high density, high strength, precise size, and can meet the needs of various constructions. It is a high-quality concrete product.
  • The machine can produce many high-grade large color floor tiles, such as terrazzo tiles, washed tiles, etc. by changing the mold.
    So, Automatic big cement roof tile production line is One ideal advanced product for all large concrete production lines.

Working process of Auto big cement roof tile production:

  • Prepare cement sand materials according to the ratio 1:1.5
  • Bucket elevator will lift materials cement sand into big mixer machine for mixing
  • Doser transport evenly mixed materials into big cement roof tile main press machine
  • Cement big roof tile is made Under the force of the hydraulic cylinder and the mold die.
  • Concrete big roof tile nature curing
  • Painting (the color can be choice according to local conditions)

Accessories machines &parts for large cement roof tile production line:

1. Bucket Elevator 2.concrete mixer 3.Doser machine 4.large cement roof tile equipment press machine 5.Roof tile stray 6.- Roof tile mould (According to client demand)  7. Filter mesh, filter cloth, stripping oil, hydraulic spare parts, electrical spare parts,etc

bucket mixer doser machine big roof tile press machine Big roof tile Stray rack for Big roof tile curing mould for big cement roof tile air pump
Bucket mixer Doser machine Press machine Big roof tile Stray Rack Mould for big roof tile Air pump

Working video of Automatic big cement roof tile production line:

Display of big cement roof tile and application:

Usually there are 3 standard sizes for big roof tile,that is 1230×640,1080×640,980×640.These large size concrete roof tile and cement ridge roof tile can consist of roofing system.

application of big roof tile

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