Small concrete road barrier machine

concrete highway barriers

  • Small concrete road barrier machine is used to make cement barrier,Jersey barrier, Jersey wall, Jersey bump,concrete highway barriers,security barriers,Highway Barrier Walls,which is to separate traffic lane along the center and sides of highways, at construction sites, in parking lots.
  • Raw materials for producing concrete barrier include: cement, aggregates, water, and strengthening materials such as steel bars or fibres, which create a solid and reliable barrier that can withstand high-impact forces.
  • The final barriers have robust structures, high strength and durability.


1. Simple structure, less start-up capital.
2. The site needs about 2000 square meters, and 2-3 workers.
3. Mechanical vibration double-sided pressure, good product quality, no stick mold, clamping mold.
4. The transmission motor is closed, easy to operate and easy to maintain.
6. This machine belongs to Movable type,So it is easy to move to different working site.
5. Suitable variety, wide range of raw materials
6. multi-purpose

Our company produces Small type cement isolation pier machine Small concrete road barrier machine.This machine has a multi-purpose. various shapes and different specifications of concrete prefabricated parts can also be done by changing mold. such as U-shaped, T-shaped, rectangular, half-piece and secondary structural column, cement cable trough, anti-collision isolation pier, road light pole, cement pier and other large prefabricated component products.

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Small concrete road barrier machine Working video: