Project Description

Introduction to concrete jersey barrier machine:

  • Concrete jersey barrier machine is called road barrier forming machine,roadside barriers making machine.
  • It can be used to produce cement jersey barrier for Highways, national highways, large parking lots, factories, logistics parks and other large-scale vehicle-intensive areas .
  • High efficient production,One barrier each 2-3minutes
  • Final Cement jersey barrier is more strength by machine
  • It can produce different size concrete jersey barrier by mold changing.
  • Therefore,It is professional cement barrier equipment for Road traffic facilities Suitable for big projects investor.
  • Ancillary Machine are Concrete batching machine  and mixer.

How to work:

Work through the loader hopper.There is silo door below hopper ,which can finish unloading by a manual button.After raw material falls on the mold, and the molding is performed by vibration and turning, then finish barrier production.For other cleaning, the demolding function is also done by the manual button.
About mold:According to the needs of the user’s machineMold: First, change the movement function of some machines, secondly, different mold size, built-in modules, etc. can bring a little change in mold price.

Working video of Cement jersey barrier machine:

Technical data of Cement jersey barrier machine:

Motor installed power :22.4KW
The minimum turning radius : 2.92 m
Motion and vibration drive – electromechanical button
Hopper volume: 3 cubic meters
Dimensions :5240X3200X2300mm
Weight: about 7.2 tons

Display of Cement jersey barrier:

Concrete jersey barrier

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