Why choose Automatic small concrete roof tile machine 424×337mm:

  • Overweight host design and Imported hydraulic control to assure the strength of final cement products.
  • Super production capacity because of the redesigned sliding table with low noise and low resistance can arrive 3500-4000 pieces daily.
  • Fully automatic PLC computer control to ensure the efficient operation of Automatic small concrete roof tile machine 424×337mm.
  • Whole line need 5-6 operator.
  • besides the common size 424×337mm,Tiles with many shape and sizes can be made by changing mould.
  • one professional tile forming equipment for main roofing construction.

Technical data of Automatic small concrete roof tile machine:

1.Host Model DL128Automatic small concrete roof tile machine 424×337mm
Main cylinder pressure 200ton(Rated),260ton(MAX)
Fast cylinder lifting force 2×5=10 ton
Common pressure of hydraulic system 10 Mpa
Maximum pressure of hydraulic system 16 Mpa
Main cylinder diameter Ф440 mm
Lifting cylinder diameter Ф40 mm (2pc)
Pressurizing speed 5mm/sec
Working stroke of main cylinder 250 mm
Work space size 700 mm
Position control Adjust with proximity switch
2.lower mould workbench lower mould workbench size 950×540 mm
lower mould workbench Reciprocating stroke 1400 mm
Drive cylinder (swing cylinder) Ф41 mm × 180°
3.Frame up and down device Frame cylinder diameter Ф32 mm
Frame cylinder stroke 250 mm
4.Dosing machine device (optional) Mixing drum diameter Ф1200×350mm
Geared motor 1.1kw 4P i = 1/187
Quantitative Cup Cylinder optional
Quantitative cup cylinder Ф100×300 mm(2pc)
5.Hydraulic system Oil pump model CBFC25 double pump 16MPa
Motor Power 7.5kW 4P
Hydraulic oil YA-N 46
Hydraulic oil working temperature 5 ~ 65 ℃
Suction filter 80~100mesh(100μm)
6.Pneumatic (air compressor) Nominal pressure 0.9~1Mpa
Displacement 0. 9m3above
7.Vacuum system Vacuum pump displacement 63m3/h
Lifting cylinder Ф125 mm ×350mm
Flip cylinder Ф80 mm ×300mm(2pc)

Working video for Automatic small concrete roof tile machine 424×337mm

Display of different small concrete roof tile and application:small concrete roof tile production and application

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