With the continuous increase of high-rise buildings, all kinds of light partition wall panel are used in large quantities, while the majority of installation are done by labor. In this way, the installation speed is slow, and have high labor intensity , the safety factor is low. besides,the overall strength of the wall and the sound insulation effect will cause some damage.

On this conditions, our company developed wall pannel installation machine.wall panel installation machine is mainly suitable for the installation of prefabricated non-load-bearing inner partition wall panels and load-bearing outer wall slabs in residential buildings and Malls.

40 wall panel installer machines

The advantages of precast wall panel installation machine:

1.For thickness 8-20cm, and height 1-6m,width 60cm, any wall panel can be installed.

2.Machine can be adjusted up and down, and moved and installed in a small indoor space.
3.Simple operation, light and flexible, improve work efficiency, reduce labor intensity.
4. Used in hotels, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, office buildings, standard factories, high-end apartments, sports venues, exhibition centers, ordinary residential buildings and other building facilities to meet the needs of different customers for the installation of modern indoor and outdoor light partition panels.

5.It is a change to the traditional wall panel installation method.

6.Be applicable Assembly Era Requirements.

Common two Type of Hydraulic precast wall panel installer machine:


Installation length within :4.2 meters
Default thickness: 20 cm
Load: 350kg
drive motor: rear
Lifting height :2 meters
Weight :650kg
Total power :2kW
Battery specification :100an 48v
Side shift stroke :18 cm
Dimensions: 1.6/2.1×0.76×1.6m
Function: Side shift, electric walking, hydraulic lifting, hydraulic clamping and 360 degree selection, front and rear tilt.

Type B:

Max installation height of wall panel :6m
Max installation weight of wall panel :550kg
Power unit voltage: 60V
Continuous working time: 10 hours
Battery Volume: 100Ah
Dimensions: 2800/1100/1800mm
Weight: 950kg

60 wall panel installer machine 6m wall panel installerprecast wall panel installer


Working video of Precast wall panel installer machine(below):