Why use recycled construction waste

recycled construction waste is worth for reuse ?  Construction waste is the inevitable solid waste produced in urban development, usually stacked in the open air, long-term accumulation, not only cause secondary pollution, but also will cause serious pollution to the environment and surface water and groundwater. in addition, will directly or indirectly affect air quality, therefore, if the construction waste can not be recycled and reused, it will have a great negative impact on our living environment.

Nowadays, through the treatment of garbage treatment equipment (crushing and processing is not only more green and environmentally friendly, but also enables the reuse of construction waste, and gives full play to the new waste heat and value), construction waste can also be turned into treasure after treatment, and recycled construction waste can be used in different industries.

What is construction waste

It refers to the muck, waste concrete, waste masonry and other wastes generated by people in the production activities of the construction industry such as demolition, construction, decoration and repair. According to the classification of the source, construction waste can be divided into engineering residue, decoration waste, demolition waste, engineering mud, etc.; According to the composition of the classification, construction waste can be divided into muck, concrete blocks, gravel blocks, brick and tile pieces, waste mortar, mud, asphalt blocks, waste plastics, scrap metal, waste bamboo and wood, etc.recycled construction waste

The usages of recycled construction waste

1. Recycled sand and gravel aggregates:

the concrete, bricks and tiles doped in the construction waste will become sand and gravel aggregates of different specifications after screening and crushing, which can completely replace the machine-made sand, gravel and other configurations of concrete, with the characteristics of low radioactivity and good permeability; And after practical application, many projects have recognized recycled aggregates, compared with machine-made sand and gravel aggregates, the price has natural advantages.

2. Recycled environmental protection hollow bricks:

in addition to recycled sand and gravel aggregates, the production of environmentally friendly hollow bricks is also an important project for the crushing of construction waste, and the final hollow bricks can be used in buildings, urban facilities, etc., good seismic capacity and fire performance have begun large-scale production and application, in addition, it can also produce permeable bricks used in sidewalks, squares, parks and other pavements.

3. Other uses:

  • waste wood mixed with construction waste can be crushed to produce recycled boards;
  • Steel bars, iron blocks, etc. can be recycled and rebuilt;
  • Other applications include the production of insulation materials, dry-mix mortar, wall perimeter insulation walls, and flooring.

Combined with the above illustration, We believe that most people have understood the benefits of recycled construction waste.

 what kind of crushing equipment do we use?

Our mobile crushing plant is an “intelligent” equipment ,which have no special site limit,save labor and easy to install, besides,it occupies a small area, can be transferred at any time, and one person can control the production line.

The mobile crushing plant is also called mobile sand making machine and mobile sand blaster.It is convenient for ordinary highway driving, easy to drive in the rugged and harsh road environment of the crushing yard area, and importantly, it is more convenient to drive in the rugged and harsh road environment of the crushing yard area, which saves time for the fast entry into the construction site.