Visiting the First Overseas Pig Farm of New Hope Group: Building Walls, Filtering Air, and Three-level Sanitation Measures to Fight Against African Swine Fever

The first overseas pig farm of New Hope Group is located in Vietnam, where the threat of African Swine Fever (ASF) is ever-present. Strict control measures are in place for incoming personnel and materials.

At 8 a.m. local time, before sunrise, a group of us set out to visit the pig farm. At the farm entrance, we went through a disinfection channel, where we disinfected the soles of our shoes, hands, and even our whole bodies. These strict epidemic prevention measures are designed to prevent the invasion of ASF virus.

Inside the farm, we saw workers building a wall. According to the introduction, the wall is 2.5 meters high, mainly to prevent wild animals and mosquitoes from entering, thus reducing the risk of virus transmission. In addition, there is another wall inside the farm that is 1.2 meters high, mainly to isolate infected pigs.

We also saw an air filtering system in the pig farm. This system filters out viruses and bacteria in the incoming air. At the same time, the temperature and humidity inside the piggery are strictly controlled to ensure that pigs live in the best environment.

The threat of ASF cannot be taken lightly. To prevent the spread of the virus, the pig farm adopts a three-level cleaning and disinfection process. Firstly, incoming vehicles and materials must go through a disinfection pool for disinfection. Secondly, all personnel entering the pig farm must undergo strict disinfection procedures. Finally, all incoming pigs must go through a disinfection channel for disinfection.

Inside the pig farm, we also saw a laboratory. This is to detect whether pigs have ASF virus. Once pigs infected with ASF are found, they will be immediately isolated and treated.

Overall, the first overseas pig farm of New Hope Group has taken multiple measures to prevent the spread of ASF. These measures include building walls, filtering air, and three-level cleaning and disinfection. Although the threat of ASF still exists, through the implementation of these measures, it is believed that the risk of virus transmission can be effectively reduced.