Why choose colored cement tiles

Colored cement tile is currently the most common sloping roof decoration material. It has many advantages.

Now Let us summarize as follows:

Diverse colors can be made on demand

Cement color roof tile production process Diverse colors can be made on demand
it means that the color of colored cement tiles is not restricted by any factors, and can basically meet the needs of any color, which is unmatched by other materials.

Various styles of colored cement tiles

Various styles of colored cement tiles
The molds and pallets can be customized according to the specifications and styles required by customers and easy to make it.

Not limited by the supply quantity

It supply any quantities products , just because the color of the colored cement tile is sprayed on, and the color can be processed according to the customer’s demand.

high strength, high density, and good flatness

Colored cement tiles are formed by high-pressure molding machine.This machine can produce high quality cement tiles.


Low cost and good performance

Convenient to construct and Maintain

Good decoration effect.
The appearance of cement tiles look rough, but they are a macroscopic decorative material. The decorative effect of colored cement tiles hung on the roof can fully meet the designer’s requirements. Moreover, the color cement tiles of the rolling process are rough, and they also have a unique decorative effect when hung on the roof. The rough atmosphere and strong sense of layering are difficult to achieve with tiles of other materials.

Most suitable for spraying refurbished tiles

The color of the colored cement tile itself is sprayed with special paint for colored tiles, so if there is a need to refurbish or change the color of the roof tile in the later period, it can be sprayed to refurbish and change the color. the roof can be renewed simply and quickly, also it save money.

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