How to produce Cement color roof tile

Cement color roof tile production process refers to whole line from raw materials to final cement sand roof sheet.

As we know, This line consists of elevator bucket, mixer machine,automatic dosing machine, cement tile press machine and pallet,etc…,

Then Question is how to finish this production…and what is the roof tile production process?

Seven step for Cement color roof tile production:

Cement color roof tile production process

First Step : prepare materials in appropriate ratio.

Second Step :Put raw materials are into the bucket elevator, then deliver to the mixer machine.Meanwhile,you must add some water into it.

Third Step :After stirring the mixture,put the mixed materials into the dosing feeder.then,measure the mixture of one tile and put down on the mould below through a small hole.

Please the function of the dosing feeder is to control the thickness and weight ,So that it can ensure the same quality of each cement tile.

Fourth Step:Spray a thin film of release oil on the mould.In the same time.The pallets are then individually indexed through the machine by a hydraulic cylinder.

Fifth Step :The mixture is loaded into the extrusion head hopper box,and formed into cement roof tile by big pressure.

Sixth Step :Put the finished cement tiles on the frame for natural curing.

Seventh Step:Coloring. After about 5-10 days drying.Then you can make painting. While ,At present, many users will uniformly spray after installation on the roof.In this way, it can sawe pigment, and look beautiful.

Above is the production process of cement color roof tile. It is simple and easy to operate. Welcome to inquiry.

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