Introduction to lightweight wallboard production line :

  • lightweight wallboard production line is a new type of precast concrete wallboard equipment.
  • The final concrete panels  is a new type walling materials.
  • Lightweight wall panel is environmental, energy-saving, heat-insulating, and fire-resistant ,which can be integrated with frame structures, steel structures, and various types of column structures both domestically and internationally.lightweight wallboard

The main features of the lightweight wallboard equipment:

  • Use a dual-drive dual-roll extrusion process.
  • The production line has a high degree of automation and stable operation, and the specifications are adjustable.
  • The products made by the wallboard equipment have a flat and smooth surface with high density, realizing the industrial production line of the new-type building partition wallboard.
  • It reduces the labor intensity of production workers and changes many shortcomings of traditional formwork installation and roof formwork pouring methods.
  • The raw materials are various without regional restrictions. They are mainly made from sawdust, rice straw, rice husk, and various agricultural crop residues through special processing and the addition of inorganic materials such as talc, construction waste, diatomite, fly ash, etc.
  • The production cost is low with less investment and quick returns.

 Features of lightweight precast concrete panel:

Lightweight and Seismic Resistant:

  • With a unit area weight only 1/10th that of a brick wall, it has good seismic resistance.
  • It can be used for low-rise and high-rise buildings.
  • It is more suitable for steel frame buildings than colorful steel plates and has better performance.lightweight wall board

Fast and Convenient Construction:

It adopts panel or modular installation and dry construction, with excellent features such as easy installation with nails, saws, hammers, chisels, etc.

lightweight concrete panel

Low Comprehensive Cost:

The production of this product mainly uses agricultural and industrial waste materials to produce at low cost. Due to the reduced load on the beams and columns, the construction period is shortened, and the construction cost of lightweight bricks is reduced by over 20% compared to solid bricks.

Energy-Saving and Environmental Protection:

The production process does not require high temperature or high pressure, making it a green and environmentally friendly energy-saving building material.

Increased Floor Area:

Under the same insulation and soundproofing requirements, thinner boards can be used for buildings with the same functions as traditional walls, allowing for an increase in floor area of over 10%.
Fire Resistance, Waterproofness, Impact Resistance, Acid and Alkali Resistance: This product has fire resistance, waterproofness, impact resistance, acid and alkali resistance making it suitable for use in various environments such as on the ground floor or on steel decks.