Cement roof tile— good projects for business investor

Yangyuhui Village is a microcosm of Linxian County development. The village is not far from Linxian County. In early time,their economic development level was low,SoThe source of living is very single. They are living by farming and part-time work. But Now the villagers are highly motivated to start their own businesses. Driving employment has become a major feature of the village.

Here we will discussed MR zhang,one ,49-year-old villager,Like most people, he also went out for work in the early days. However, after losing money in processing water pipes, heresolutely chose to go home and start his own business.
“What can I do when I return to my hometown?”This question caused Mr Zhang to fall into contemplation.

While after consult to friends, he decided to learn the technique of cement tiles. Three months Later,he started his own business.

It seems simple to make cement tiles, but the process is very complicated.
You have to have machines, molds, and raw materials, and you have to be able to endure hardships.
Under the guildance of cement roof tile machine factory and continuous operation,MR Zhang and his team have mastered out the appropriate component ratio and the impact of weather changes on mold molding.
Till Now he summed up a lot of precious production experience in this industry.

The technology is relatively mature and Now it is profitable.(different type cement roof tile).

many type roof tilesmall roof tile ridge tile cement concrete ridge tile workshop

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Ride the Internet Sales Express

How to sell out the cement tile? this is new question .

In the early days,cement tile is not popular,so it is difficult to open the market.
Clients are from the local area or acquaintances introduction.

While in Internet era ,Mr zhang start to promote products in wechat,friend circles, internet platform. Due to the high quality and good reputation,Sale volumes are in the increase.

Back-feeding hometown

After the business was on the right track, Mr Zhang realized his social responsibility and he wanted to use his own actions to feed back his hometown.
15 impoverished households in the village work in his factory, each earning several thousand yuan a year, and with their hardworking hands, they embark on the road to poverty alleviation.

The story of Mr zhang self-employment driving employment is widely spreading in the local area, and the town government also awarded him the “Civilized Households (Award)”.

Mr Zhang was able to discover business opportunities, and it was not easy to dare to return to his hometown to start a business.
Talented and more virtuous, taking the initiative to assume social responsibilities, this is the highlight of the entrepreneurs who return to their hometowns.

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