What is concrete beam ?

  • Concrete lintel or beam is a building component.
  • Usually It is used above door and window openings to bear the load from above.
  • It is made of steel bars and concrete and has the characteristics of strong bearing capacity, large span and good adaptability.

How to make concrete beam

To make concrete beam for window frames using a concrete mixer, follow these steps:

Perpare materials:

Prepare the necessary materials including a concrete mixer, cement, sand, crushed stone, steel bars, formwork, and any other accessories such as support brackets for securing the formwork in place.

Design the lintel:

Determine the shape and size of the lintel based on the window frame’s dimensions and building requirements.

Ensure that the lintel will be strong enough to support the weight of the window and any pressure exerted on it.

Create the formwork:

Use wood or another suitable material to create the formwork for the concrete.

The formwork should be slightly larger than the lintel to allow for easy removal of the formwork after the concrete sets.concrete beam machine

Install steel bars:

Lay out the steel bars within the formwork, ensuring that they are properly positioned and aligned.

Assemble the concrete mixer:

Set up the concrete mixer on a stable surface and add the necessary ingredients such as sand, crushed stone, and cement. Follow the mixer’s instructions for proper mixing and proportions.

Mix the concrete:

Start the concrete mixer to mix the ingredients until a uniform consistency is achieved. Add water as needed to achieve the desired workability.

Pour and distribute the concrete:

Carefully pour the mixed concrete into the formwork, ensuring that it completely fills the form and covers the steel bars.

Use a shovel or trowel to distribute the concrete evenly and compact it into place.

Vibrate the concrete:

Once the concrete has been poured into the formwork, use a vibrator to consolidate and remove any air bubbles from the concrete. This helps achieve a more dense and stronger structure.

Cure and care for the concrete:

Allow the concrete to cure undisturbed for a period of time, depending on the type of concrete used and environmental conditions. During this period, protect the concrete from any direct sunlight or extreme temperatures that could affect its curing process.

Remove the formwork:

Once the concrete has fully cured, carefully remove the formwork to expose the finished lintel. Support the concrete beam with brackets or other means to ensure it remains stable during removal of the formwork.concrete beam for construction

Finishing touches:

Once the concrete beam is completely removed from the formwork, any excess material or rough edges can be trimmed or polished to desired finish quality.concrete lintel for window

Install the lintel:

Carefully lift and install concrete beam onto the window frame, ensuring it is positioned correctly and level.

Please note 

this is a general guide on how to make concrete beam for window frames using a concrete mixer. The specific steps and materials may vary depending on your location, project requirements, and the type of equipment and materials used. It is always recommended to consult with a professional contractor or engineer for specific guidance on your project to ensure best results.