Colored roof tiles refer to colored cement tiles, colored concrete tiles.

Color tiles are new decoration materials that have emerged in recent years. Its advantages are strong pressure resistance, high bearing capacity,reasonable structure,rich color,bright surface, waterproof. and the anti-corrosion effect is very good, and it does not fade.

Generally, luxury villas will choose to use colored tiles for roof decoration. So how are color tiles made?


Production process of cement color tiles

First, the ratio table of raw materials.

The production of Cement color tile use forcing mixer mixing, and mixing time is 5-10 minutes. Take 350 type mixer for example, generally each mixing use cement 50kg (a pack) as the benchmark, with such as the following:

cement and aggregate ratio is 1:1.5-2.0 (weight ratio)
water and cement ratio is 1:0.25–0.35.
The moisture should not be too much, otherwise it will cause the phenomenon of loose sticky mold of the tile. But for Too little moisture, it will less fluidity of the material, then less quality appearance.
Besides,The sludge content in the raw materials shall not be more than 1%, otherwise it will affect the quality of the product.

2. Molding.

In production, molding is extremely important, and the material after stirring must filter out the moisture under pressure during molding, then it can become a dry and hard tile.
It is Required that pressure should be more than 100 tons (pressure gauge 13 MPA or more}, pressurization time is not less than 3.0 seconds.

The lower mold filter must be replaced in time, generally 2-3 times per shift. Depending on the water filtered out, if the filter oil is damaged, the water filtered out becomes turbid, then the cement in the material will lose Accordingly,Then the quality decreases, so Please replace them in time.

Three: appearance.

After molding, the tile must be angular, smooth, delicate, obviously dry and hard, and have a certain embryonic strength, which will not break on the vatoban.

Fourth, maintenance.

After molding,Please naturally maintain the tiles on the pallet for 24 hours, and pay more attention to moisturizing and insulation.
On the second day, remove the tiles of the preliminary condensed soil from the pallet and place on the yard for natural maintenance, and pay more attention to watering and maintaining every day for the previous week to clear the heat,

In dry weather, sprinkl more water and erect the roof tiles on the side. they can leaves the factory after 28 days.

Five. Spray coating.

Colored cement tiles are made by spraying a variety of special color tile coatings on ordinary cement tiles after curing and condensation hardening according to customer needs.
The key in spraying: the paint for color tiles must have reliable quality and durable color. The tile must have sufficient strength after maintenance.
Before spraying, the tiles must be dried (their moisture content is not more than 2.0%), and the tile surface must be dusted.
After first spray of the underlying paint, it can be dried. then can be shipped out of the factory.

In summary,The production process of cement color tiles has been introduced, so everyone should have deep understanding for cement color tiles.
These Color roofing tiles are mainly used in multi-storey or low-rise buildings, especially for villas.

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