Attentions to the storage of lightweight partition panels.

What do you need to pay attention about How to Store Precast Concrete Panels?

Lightweight wall panels are new building materials.The advantage are energy saving, environmental protection, insulation, sound insulation, fire protection, moisture protection, shock protection and ease of operation,etc.So they are widely applicated in construction.

Due to the space limit,it need to store some cement wall board.

How to Store Precast Concrete Panels,some details need to pay attention to:

1. Keep lightweight partition panels in the warehouse or shade construction site.One hand,it will facilitate construction.on the other hand,it can preventlong-term exposure to the sun,then resultin the plate surface bending from slow hardening speed.

partition panels in construction site

2. Keep the storage warehouse cool and dry enough.In this way,it can avoid the deformation of light partition board from humidity.
Especially during the rainy season,please try to we need to seal the wall panel to avoid moisture.

3.Put the lightweight partition panels in different categories, neatly arranged.Otherwise, it may cause the deformation of the plate, affecting the flatness. When placing lightweight partition panels, Please stack panels together,and each stack can be 2-3 meters high depend on products.

lightweight partition panels by categories

4.Place the pallet at the bottom of the stack, and ensure the quality of the tray itself and the balance of placement.In this way, it can facilitate use and keep panels not bending.

5.Avoid frequent transport lightweight partition panels, so as to avoid vibration or collision damage by external forces.

6.Seal the lightweight partition plate for long storage.In this way, it can avoid damage from long-term reaction.

In summary, Above are main notices How to Store Precast Concrete Panels.Only do it,the qualified wall panel can service for us better.

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