What is Brick road layer machine

Brick road layer machine is called Tiger-Stone machine.This machine is capable of automatically laying beautiful and durable brick roads.

good price Brick road layer machine

How to work for  automatic Brick road layer machine

It works in cooperation with a small telescopic forklift or loader conveyor, which is responsible for the filling. During construction the operaters only need to Just put the bricks into the angled charging chute. As the paver moves forward little by little on the sand-based road, the bricks are automatically stacked together by gravity.

The laying width can be adjustable up to 6 meters. Wherever the “Tiger stone” drives by, it magically leaves a brick road.

Brick road layer machine loading

Brick road layer machine

Application of  Brick road layer machine:

It can be used for paving the ground in sidewalks, residential areas, garden squares and other places. A complete brick laying process is formed from automatic leveling to automatic brick laying.

Brick roads have a long history, they are beautiful, durable, can withstand the test of water and low temperature, and are easy to maintain and replace even if there are cracks.
Bricks are easy to produce and recycle, and some newly designed bricks can also channel rainwater into the ground, avoiding flooding during heavy rains, while also improving the condition of aquifers. That’s why designers advocating green buildings have recently turned their minds back on brick roads.

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