What is Automatic paver block laying machine

  1. Automatic paver block laying machine is “Tiger-Stone“.
  2. This machine can lays beautiful and durable brick roads automatically.
  3. Auxiliary equipment includes brick feeding conveyor and leveling machine.
  4. This machine is suitable for laying the sidewalk, greenbelt, park footpath, communities, and squares.
  5. it is the ideal necessary machine for municipal project and construction of landscape architecture.

Technical data

Model Technical data Price Auxiliary equipment
PLZ-600cm Specification:6000*1900*1700mm
Maximum laying width:5700mm
rated power:3940w
Overall weight:3000KG
brick feeding conveyor ,leveling machine
PLZ-460cm Specification:4600*1900*1700
Maximum laying width:4300mm
rated power:3940w
Overall weight:2700KG
brick feeding conveyor ,leveling machine
PLZ-370cm Specification:3700*1300*1250mm
Maximum laying width:3400mm
Overall weight:900KG
brick feeding conveyor ,leveling machine
PLZ-310cm Specification:3100*1300*1250mm
Maximum laying width:2800mm
Overall weight:800KG
brick feeding conveyor ,leveling machine
PLZ-230cm Specification:2300*1300*1250mm
Maximum laying width:200cm
Overall weight:700KG
brick feeding conveyor ,leveling machine

How does this machine work.

During construction, workers stand on its platform, and simply feed the paving blocks into the angled charging chute. As the paver moves forward little by little on the sand-based road, the bricks are automatically stacked together by gravity,So This machine make block paving as easy as Laying Carpet. The paver pattern of  paving brick  can be the shape of L, Herring bone.

the paver pattern paver pattern machine hopper

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