Interlock Paver laying machine 6m introduction:

  • The paving layer machine adopts gravity based system design, as long as the bricks piled up in the machine hopper, the road will be paved by a maximum width to 5.7 meters, the working is just like Laying Carpet.It is very easy and convenient.
  • High efficiency, low energy consumption, in line with national standards.
  • Can pave concrete brick road 500 meters in 8 hours.
  • One ideal equipment for road pavement projects.

The technical data of Interlock Paver laying machine 6m:

Model Technical parameter
Paving block layer machine 6meter Length of Bricklayer 6000mm
Working width 5700mm
Small working width 2000mm
Total size: 6000mm×1900mm×1700mm
Chassis ground clearance ≥150mm
Platform ground clearance ≥400mm
Lifting distance of squeegee system 200mm
Curved curve large arc ratio 1:0.2
Power drive 220 V AC or 5kw generator
Rated total power 2.7 KW
Overall quality About 2.5 T
Low speed 0.01 m/min
High speed ≤4m/min
Scope of application All kinds of tiles, cement tiles, baking products, etc.

Paving stone laying machine

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