Project Description

Introduction to Bucket elevator and mixer:

bucket elevator mixer
  • They are Ancillary Machine for terrazzo tile or cement roof tile or other cement product forming.
  • The main function is to mix raw materials. that is to say, The raw materials go into the mixer through the elevator. After stirring generally 5-7 minutes, the mixed raw materials go into the quantitative feeder from the discharge port of the mixer machine.Then it continue to next step working.

The application field are:  1. the production of Terrazzo Floor Tile ; 2. the production of Cement Roof Tile Making ; 3.the production of Concrete Compound Wall ; 4.the production of Precast Concrete Wall Panel ;5. the production of Precast Concrete Beam ….

Technical data of Bucket elevator and mixer:

Model JJQ550 JJQ1000
Motor power 10.5kw 14.5kw
Diameter 1.3m 1.5m
Bucket elevator 1x1x1m 1.2×1.2x1m
Rotating speed 25 rpm 25 rpm
Operator inquired 1 1
Weight 1000kg 1400kg

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