Project Description

Introduction to Double shaft forced concrete mixer:

  • Can be made of feeding mechanism, mixing mechanism, unloading mechanism, water supply system, electrical control system and other parts.
  • Can mix dry hard concrete, plastic concrete, lightweight aggregate concrete and various mortars with aggregate particle size of pebbles of 80mm and crushed stones of 60mm or less.
  • Reasonable design structure, strong mixing effect, good mixing quality, high efficiency, low energy consumption, novel layout, high degree of automation, and convenient use and maintenance.
  • Used with dumping feeder. Double shaft forced concrete mixer is an ideal machine for various precast concrete plants.

Parameter data of Double shaft forced concrete mixer machine:

Model JS500 JS750
Discharge capacity 500 L 700 L
Feeding capacity 800 L 1200 L
Productivity 25 m³/h 35 m³/h
Mixing blade speed 35 r/min 31 r/min
Hopper lifting speed 18 m/min 18 m/min
largest size of aggregate 40mm/50mm 40mm/50mm
Discharge height 1.8-4.5m 1.8-4.5m
Mixer motor power 18.5 kw 30 kw
Hoist motor power 5.5 kw 7.5 kw
Water pump motor power 750 W 1.1KW
Overall size 4461×3050×5225mm 4951×3650×6225mm
Total Weight 4000kg 4500kg
Transport size 3050×2300×2680mm 3650×2600×2890mm

Display of forced concrete mixer machine JS500,JS750

js500 concete mixer machine js750 concete mixer machine

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