Project Description

Introduction to gypsum chalk piece moulding machine FB800-6:

Gypsum chalk piece moulding machine is used to produce chalk piece using gypsum powder (plaster) and water as raw materials. Pigment can be added if clients want to make colorful chalk sticks.

Technical data:

The FB800-6 type chalk machine has six molds, with a turntable and an electric mixer, which are operated by two people.

Output: 24,000 pcs/hour

Mould specification: 800pcs/mould

Chalk size: 10 mmⅹ8 mmⅹ 75 mm(big endⅹ small endⅹ length)

Packing size:  1760×1150×760 length×width×height (mm) one piece

Weight: 500 KG

Common model for chalk making machines can be choice

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FB 800-8 Chalk machine FB 800-6 Chalk machine FB 800-4 Chalk machine FB 800-2 Chalk machine FB 800-1 Chalk machine

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