Project Description

Introduction to Automatic industrial school Chalk dryer machine:

Automatic industrial school Chalk dryer machine are used to dry chalk,Industrial products, Chinese medicinal material, agricultural products.

Using electric heating, the machine is made of aluminum plate or stainless steel.

Working principle:

First, heated air is generated by the stainless steel fin heating tube.

Then the material is quickly dehydrated and dried by the circulating fan evenly blowing.

Finally, the moisture is discharged from the enlarged moisture exhaust port on both sides, and the hot air continues to be recycled through the circulating fan.

Parameter data of chalk dryer machine:

Model Max heat
Power (kw)
Power (kw)
Air volume
Box temp
Difference (℃)
Temp control range (℃) Number of dry trucks


 layers NO/layer  Baker trays NO/piece Size


DH-12 3~7 0.55 6250 ±2 ≤120 1 12 12 1.25×0.75×1.7
DH-24 5~7.2 0.55 6250 ±2 1 12 24 1.48×0.85×1.8
DH-48 7.2~10.8 1.1 15000 ±2 ≤120 2 12 48 1.85×1.2×1.8
DH-96 22~25 1.1 25400 ±2 ≤120 2 12 96 2.55×1.35×2.15
DH-144 25~30 1.1 25400 ±2 ≤120 3 12 144 3×1.4×2.15
chalk drying machine DH-12 chalk dryer machine DH-24 drying machine for color chalk DH-96 chalk drying machine electric chalk dryer machine
DH-12 chalk dryer machine DH-24 chalk dryer machine DH-48 chalk dryer machine DH-96 chalk dryer machine DH-144 chalk dryer machine

Please note , the choice of Chalk dryer machine should macth the chalk machine capacity.

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