What is Hydraulic press concrete roof tile machine 1230×640:

Hydraulic press concrete roof tile machine 1230×640 is filter press type large-scale fully automatic molded color tile equipment with hydraulic pressure (1200-800 tons).It uses cement , coarse sand,etc.to make cement roof tile in different size and shape according to local culture.

How to work for cement large tile roofing machine ?

The raw materials cement sand with the ratio of 1:1.5 are sent to the mixer by the bucket elevator for fully mixing. Then the concrete is evenly fed to the press machine by doser machine .Under the force of the hydraulic cylinder and the mold, the cement tile product is made.
Then After drying and maintaining, The cement tile can be finally painting and spraying.process chart of big cement roof tile production line

Working video of Hydraulic press concrete roof tile machine 1230×640:

Technical data of cement large tile roofing machine:

Name large concrete roof tile machine 1230×640
Molding pressure 1000 tons
Molding speed 3-4 pcs/min
Motor power 11 kw
Machine weight 16 tons
Machine dimension 5200*2000*2650mm
Final big cement roof tile size 1230*640*15mm; 1080*640*15mm; 980*640*15mm
Raw materials Cement ,coarse sand,etc

1230×640 concrete roof tile and application in projects.1230×640 concrete roof tile and application in projects.

Some FAQ about the production of 1230×640 concrete roof tile for projects investor

1.What is the weight and thickness of 1230×640 concrete roof tile?

Roof tile 1230*640, the common thickness is 15mm.Weight is 25-30kg according to materials choice.

2. What is the working power?

Elevator is  2.2kw,doser is 3kw ,mixer is 5.5 kw and press machine is 11 kw,So total power is 21.7kw.

3.how long does Tile demolding last ?

Generally, the tile is done today and can be demould tomorrow,Then continue to do same everyday.

For the summer temperature 30-40 degree,It will need 4-5 hour to finish demoulding In Apring and Autumn , the demould can be done next day.In the winter, it will be in third day to finish demoulding .

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