Why choose large cement colored roofing tile equipment

  1. The materials of large cement colored roofing tile equipment can be Portland cement, yellow coarse sand, water and paint etc.
  2. It can shorten house construction time,because the 3 type final big cement roof tile sizes and practice sizes are very big. Here let us show you: 980mm*640mm (practical areas 0.5 square meters), 1080mm*640mm (practical areas 0.6 square meters), 1230mm*640mm (practical areas 0.7 square meters).So They are quick to in stall in project construction.
  1. Our large cement roof tile equipment adopt hydraulic pressing, cement roof tile have strong strength, also  is Insulated, leak proof,Windproof,Moisturizing, corrosion resistance.
  2. Large roof tile is widely used in  civil house and villa.
  3. large size cement colored roofing tile forming machine is advanced innovative tile machinery.

Technical parameter of big concrete colored roofing tile equipment:

Name Big type cement roof tile equipment
Molding pressure 1000 tons
Molding speed 3-4 pcs/min
Motor power 11 kw
Machine weight 16 tons
Machine dimension 5200*2000*2650mm
Final big cement roof tile size 1230*640*15mm; 1080*640*15mm; 980*640*15mm
Raw materials Cement ,coarse sand,etc

Client factory display for large cement colored roofing tile productin site:

client workshop for big roof tile production

Working video for big concrete colored roofing tile equipment:

How to maintain cement colored roofing tile machine?

  • Before start,make sure that the oil level is normal; that Proximity switch and limit device are fastening; that Manual and automatic circulation is normal; and that The electromagnetic valve is in the original position.  After that, Open cooling water, Then start the discharge water after shutdown.
  • Every day Please fill lubricating oil in running surface parts, and also tighten any loose parts in time.
  • In the operation process,always observe the running status of each system, and always check the quality situation of moulding tile.For any unusual, Please make stop immediately.
  • To ensure the quality of moulding tile,If the filter cloth are blocked or damaged, please flushing or replace them in time.

For more information about concrete roof tile machine daily maintenance, welcome to us any time.

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