When walking on the highway, People can see the figure of the New jersey barrier everywhere. On the busy streets, New jersey barrier seems not so eye-catching in many cases. But how much do you know about Cement New jersey barrier.

Indispensable lifeline on the road

We call Cement New jersey barrier is the indispensable lifeline of road.Let us illustrate the reasons.

1.It can diverte road vehicle.

As a security device, the cement isolation pier or New jersey barrier can be placed on the road to isolate vehicles.
If a traffic accident occurs, it can isolate the scope of the accident and avoid the possibility of secondary accidents. Just imagine, if there is no cement isolation pier or New jersey barrier, once a traffic accident occurs on one side of the road, it is difficult for the oncoming vehicle in the opposite direction to respond in an instant, which is very likely to cause a secondary accident to the opposite vehicle. Therefore,
the regulations at the traffic level also place the status of cement isolation piers or New jersey barriers at a high level.

2.Warning role

The cement isolation pier or New jersey barrier with reflective paint not only looks very good, but also can play a warning role at night, It is easy to judge the lane very well for and the passing vehicles. To some extense, it greatly ensures the safety of vehicles on the road, so People call it lifeline on the road.

According to the data of the transportation department for many years, the probability of traffic accidents on roads without cement isolation piers or New jersey barrier is much greater than that on roads with cement isolation New jersey barrier.In this way, New jersey barrier has higher security value.

Today, the roads around us are like a huge network, which shortens the distance between us. We should pay more attention to the safety of everyone while enjoying the convenience.
In security work, cement isolation piers or New jersey barrier will be important guards to protect our personal and property safety.