What is precast concrete slab?


Precast concrete slab or Prefabricated board refers to cement floor in th construction. it is prefabricated components from factory production and processing firstly, and them can be directly transported to the construction site for use, therefore it names the prefabricated board.

When making prefabricated board, Precast concrete slab machine adopt mechanical extrusion to finish cement slab, with built-in tensile steel bar to ensure load-bearing.


What is the new usage?

As we know,Precast concrete board is widely used in construction, such as ditch cover beside the highway, cement board as insulation layer on the roof, sewer cover ditches and so on.

Besides, Precast concrete slab can be used for Reinforcing river berms.

Precast concrete slab for Reinforcing river berms
It is precast components, so it can speeden construction projects. Also because it is Reinforcing cement board, it make river berms or embankment more stronger.

Let us know your comment for this new usage.