Cement colorful roof tile are formed through the mould by high pressure with reasonable ratio and The raw materials include cement sand and etc.
Practice proves that The roof tiles have strong pressure resistance, strong permeability, bearing capacity, low water absorption advantages…
Related standards are refering to JC/T746-2007 standards.

Specification of cement color roof tile

What is the  Specification for cement color roof tile

Usually Cement tile has a lot of different specifications, generally speaking, there are main roof tile and cement tile accessories. The main roof  tiles inlcude big and small roof tiles according to the size.

Big roof tiles have three kind specifications

that is 980mmX640mm(practical area 0.5 square meters),1080mmX640mm(practical area 0.6 square meters),1230mmX640mm(practical area 0.7 square meters),

Common Small roof tiles include below speficiation:

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Color cement tile – Large Rome :420*330mm
Color cement tile – Double Rome :420*330mm
Color cement tile – Venice :420*330mm

Color cement tile accessories :

Thai ridge tile :330*210mm
European ridge tile :420*210mm
drainage ditch :420*210mm.

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