What is the Tiger Stone Brick Laying Machine

Tiger Stone Brick Laying Machine can forms a complete working process from automatically calibrating to automatically paving, After paving laying, a beautiful new road will be showed in front of us.  This tigerstone machine can Rolls Out Roads Like Carpet, simple and easy to operate.

tigerstonelaying machine hopper

paver pattern

Main parts of brick laying machine:

It consists of eight major system,that is, mechanical transmission system, automatic scraping system, electrical control system, automatic positioning control system, conveying paving systems, electronic management systems, wireless operation control systems.

Automatic scraping system can automatically scrape pad layer , and as per construction requirements ,increase and decrease the thickness of pad level to reach the tile surface flatness requirements

This paver laying machine adopts high-quality steel, high precision special gearbox, stainless steel guide plate, high quality imported electrical appliances, Korean wireless operating system and other advanced production technology . Body appearance is generous, Quality is reliable , durable, safe, simple and convenient to operate . Paving drive lubrication system is totally enclosed , the maintenance costs is low.

Why choose Tiger Stone Brick Laying Machine

  • Low cost
    the cost is only 30-40% cost of tiger stone from neitherland
  •  More functions.
    It can level the sand pad,machine can be controlled by remote control,
    Equip machine with brick conveyor,which can reduce brick damage rate. while tiger stone do not have these function.
  •  More machine models
    Except big models,we have small models,which suits to narrow road.it does not required much operation space.
  •  Higher accuracy
    The machine adopts sensor .The two initimators in China use infrared.Our machine accuracy is higher.
  •  Low maintenace fee
    The machine adopts Closed lubrication,maintenace fee is low.