Germany invented the Paving stone laying machine, twice fast than the traditional

manual brick road laying

Sidewalks are generally paved with bricks, just because bricks are not only beautiful but also have excellent water permeability.However,they are very troublesome to lay. Manual laying not only requires workers to bend over and over again,it is very hard job, by also it have low work efficiency. In foreign countries, labor costs are very expensive, especially for such manual work.

china Paving stone laying machine

In order to reduce the labor cost of laying bricks and improve the efficiency of , Germany invented a twice fast, which makes laying bricks as simple as laying carpets. This automatic twice fast is called “tiger-stone”, which translates as “tiger-stone”. Chinese is “a tiger that can swallow stones”, so it is also called “tiger stone”, which sounds very domineering.

Paving stone laying machine

Although it is not a fully automatic paver, it still needs to arrange the bricks manually, but compared with pure manual laying, it not only makes the workers easier, but also the laying efficiency is higher. The automatic paving machine can lay 100 square meters in one hour, which is twice as efficient as traditional paving.Compared to manual operations, This operation is simpler and easier.

Paving stone layer machine

The principle of automatic Paving stone laying machine lies in its gravity-based design. During construction, it only need to fill the bricks into an angled charging slot.
After the bricks enter the machine, the adhesive mixed with lime, cement, sand and other materials will bond the bricks together, and come out neatly from the exit, Thr whole laying on the ground is like a carpet, and will not break in the middle during operation.

As the automatic Paving stone laying machine moves forward little by little on the sand-based road, the bricks are automatically stacked together inside the automatic brick laying machine due to gravity. When the automatic brick paver slowly opens up ahead, a small telescopic arm scraper or brick loader can be used to fill it with bricks.

automatic Paving stone laying machine

The Paving stone laying machine can adjust the width of the paving according to the width of the road surface, and the paving width can be from 2 meters to 6 meters. Depending on the width of the pavement, each machine requires 1 to 3workers to stack the bricks, and arrange the bricks in the bucket at the brick inlet in a certain sequence, which is much more convenient than manual laying.