Project Description

Introduction to doser machine for concrete tile production:

  • The function of doser machine is to control the thickness of the cement products, so that the final products have uniform size.
  • Please note that It is strictly prohibited as a mixer machine to use.
  •  As we know,there is No material leakage during production just because machine adopts wear-resistant plates.
  • In real practice ,doser machine can be used together with a cement roof tile press machine or a terrazzo tile press machine.
  • So It is accessory Machine for the production of terrazzo tile,cement roof tile and other cement products.

Technical data :

Name doser machine for concrete tile production (Quantitative feeder)
Technical data Power: 3KW
Diameter: 1600 x 2100
Weight: 1200KG
Raw materials for processing Cement, stone powder, rice stone, pigments

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