Small Hydraulic Concrete Roof Tile machine

Introduction to Small cement colored roof tile machine:

  •  Can be Used for the producing of small colored tile for roof.
  • Adopt hydraulic pressing PLC control system, Automatic injection and demoulding.
  • The main cement product sizes are  424*337 400*300 and etc. By changing the moulds, it can also produce various styles other small main tiles, and some ridge tiles.
  • Small cement colored roof tile machine is suitable for small concrete enterprises investor.

Technical data of concrete colored roof tile machine small type:

Molding pressure 180- 220 Tons
Production speed 8 pieces/minute
Motor capacity 8.5kw
Weight 4700kg
Product specifications 424*337 400*300 and etc.
Advantage Computer PLC automatic control system
Taiwan production supporting hydraulic system
Automatic injection and demoulding

Production flow of small cement colored roof tile production:

Firstly,Mix cement sand water in proportion ,and then feed the mixture evenly to the main machine of the CNC concrete roof tile press machine, and then under the high pressure of a hydraulic cylinder and tile mould, concrete roof tiles can be produced. After 12 hours curing and painting, color cement roof tiles come out.

Configuration list of whole small concrete colored roof tile production:

Bucket elevator, mixer, quantitative feeder, host press machine,mould,stray,etc

No. Name Quantity
1 Bucket elevator and mixer 1 set
2 Doser machine 1 set
 3 Small cement roof tile forming machine 1 set
4 Small concrete roof tile mould 1 set
5 Small concrete roof tile stray 2000 pieces
6 Rack for concrete roof tile stray 1 bucket
7 Air pump 1 set
8 Filter mesh and Filer cloth 100 meter
9 Electromagnetic relay 2 set

Configuration list of whole small concrete colored roof tile production

Small concrete colored roof tile Manufacturing and application:

Small Hydraulic Concrete Roof Tile making small cement roof tile small cement roof tile concrete roof tile small small cement colored roof tile application

Working video of Small cement colored roof tile machine:

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