Project Description

Introduction to Precast concrete boundary wall machine:

Precast concrete boundary wall machine is called Concrete Compound Wall Machine,cement fence wall,etc.

The final Concrete Compound Wall  can be used for temporary factories Indoor and outdoor, large farms, school walls, factory walls, government compound walls, etc, which is made of Concrete H shape column, cement fence wall slabfence wall cap(optional).

Technical data :

Model Common size(mm) Speed(m/mim)
50  H column: 150x150x2
Wall slab:45x50x1;45x50x2;50x50x1;50x50x2;50x60x2;60x50x2
80 H column:180x240x2
Wall slab:80x500x2;80x600x2
90  H column:200x220x2
Wall slab:90×600
120  H column:220x270x2
Wall slab:120×600

The process charts of Precast concrete boundary production:process charts of Precast concrete boundary wall

How to produce Concrete Compound Wall:

  • Beore production
  1. Please prepare raw materials and steel wire,
  2. then clean production bed,Painting parting agent and Distribute the steel wire.
  3. After that, the production can start.

During production,

  1. Firstly, Concrete batching machine concrete materials assignment proportion procedure Stir ingredients ,
  2. After that materials can go into mixer machine to complete mixing.
  3. Next, mixed materials will drop into feeding dumpers from the mixer discharge port.
  4. After that, feeding dumpers will transport the materials to concrete production bed.
  5. On the production bed,Concrete H shape column machine , cement fence wall slab and fence wall cap machine can work in the same time along the rail.
  6. The final Concrete H shape column, cement fence wall slab and Fence wall cap can be ok after curing and cutting.
  7. Finally, finish Precast concrete boundary wall projects by installing these components!

More application of Precast concrete boundary wall:precast concrete compound wall

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