Project Description

Introduction to Concrete fence wall panel machine:

It is new equipment from our company,and Use Raw materials can be cement sand and stone,etcas materials.In addition,the common models are 50x50x2;80x500x2;80x600x2;90×600 and120x600,etc and production speed is 1.3-1.5m/min.The final Concrete fence slab produced can be reinforced or non-reinforced,which is essential parts for Precast concrete boundary wall.Therefore,Concrete fence wall panel machine is professional equipment for Cement fence panel.

Parameter data of cement fence panel making machine:

NO. Model Motor power Speed Dimension(L*W*H) Weight remarks
1 45×500 5.5kw 65–70m/h 2100*850*800mm 750kg Matching Fence post:150x150x2
2 50×500 5.5kw 65–70m/h 2100*850*800mm 750kg Matching Fence post:150x150x2
3 45x500x2 5.5kw 130–140m/h 2100*1350*850mm 1200kg Matching Fence post:150x150x2
4 50x500x2 5.5kw 130–140m/h 2100*1350*850mm 1200kg Matching Fence post:150x150x2
5 50x600x2 5.5kw  130–140m/h 2100*1600*900mm 1300kg Matching Fence post:150x150x2
6 80x500x2 7.5kw 130–140m/h 2100*1350*900mm 1750kg Matching Fence post:180x240x2
7 80x600x2 7.5kw 130–140m/h 2100*1600*900mm 1900kg Matching Fence post:180x240x2
8 90×600 5.5kw 65–70m/min 2100x960x900mm 900kg Matching Fence post:200x220x2
9 120×600 7.5kw 65–70m/min 2100x960x900mm 980kg Matching Fence post:220x270x2

Process chart of Precast Concrete fence wall panel production:

raw materials for wall panel Concrete batching machine JS500 concrete mixer electric feeding dumper Small steel wire tension machine concrete fence wall panel machine
Raw materials Concrete batching machine mixer machine dumping feeder Small steel wire tension machine  Concrete fence wall machine

How to work:

  • Before production:

Firstly,Please prepare raw materials and steel wire.

Secondly, clean production bed,Painting parting agent and tension the steel wire.

After that, the production can start.

  • During production:

Firstly, Concrete batching machine start materials ingredients.

Then, materials can go into mixer machine to complete mixing.

Next, mixed materials will drop into feeding dumper from the mixer discharge port.

After that, feeding dumper will transport the materials to cement production bed.

There, dump materials into cement fence panel machine feeding hopper.

After that, cement fence panel equipment will start to work along the rail.

Finally,cement fence panel can come out, also the cutting machine can do cutting 24 hour later.

cement compound wall panel

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