Small manual clay interlocking brick making machine

-cheap and durable, easy to operate and no need power

– suitable for Africa and other poor and backward areas

-bricks of different shapes and specifications can be done by changing mold.

-material can be as clay ,soil,or even concrete,according to local conditions.

-can also be powered by electricity or diesel according to client conditions.

-It is suitable for small construction projects investor, widely used in It is very popular in Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana, Ethiopia,and other african countries.

Specification :

Model DL 2-40
Overall size 1300*700*1100mm
Weight 280kg
Power Manual
Moulding cycle 40S
Pressure 6T

How to work:

Firstly,Put enough raw materials into the feeding box by spade or just hand,

Then move and open the pressing head, move the box above the mould box, let the raw material drip in the mould box, when it is almost full,just shave the material box to make the mould box load fully.

Then close the pressing head, you need press the material inside by manpower.

After finished, please take the blocks out on the shelf for drying.

Lego interlocking block machineClay block making machineCompressed Earth Interlocking Soil Brick Block

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