Introduction of  Vacuum clay tile making machine:

Vacuum clay tile extruding machine

1.uses crushed shale, clay and coal gangue as raw materials。
2.It can finish clay roof tile making by Vacuum extruding and press equipment.
3.It is an ideal forming equipment for ancient buildings, civil brick and tile enterprises and glazed tile factories.


1. Small size, light weight, easy to move and transport, and less floor area.
2. Multiple functions and diverse functions.
By changing corresponding head,Different specifications of bricks and tiles can be available.
So it can avoid market risks due to a single product.
3. less power, saves energy consumption, reducing production costs.
4. Reduce labor, reduce labor intensity, improve labor efficiency, and reduce production costs.

5. The product has high strength and a smooth and beautiful surface

Technical data:

Model Motor Capacity
170C 7.5kw/3kw 12000pc/8hour
180H 18.5kw/4kw 25000pc/8hour
250H 22kw/4kw 30000pc/8hour
280H 22kw/4kw 35000pc/8hour