Hydraulic Lego clay brick making machine introduction:

Hydraulic Lego clay brick making machine Hydraulic Lego clay brick machine

  • This machine is called Automatic clay brick machine, Lego brick machine, cement burned-free brick machine, which adopt hydraulic automatic feeding, hydro forming, manual touch switch to complete the program operation.
  • The machine is equipped with 5.5kw hydraulic motor, 250w motor for distributing materials.
  • This machine has high pressure, it can produce one brick every 10 seconds ,also a various types brick can be produced by changing mold.
  • For refractory bricks, it can use 7.5kw hydraulic motor to increase working pressure.

Technical data of  Lego clay brick press machine:

Product Name   Molding Cycle s Machine weight t total power w model number bricks produced at one time
  Hydraulic automatic Lego clay brick making machine         10      0.85    7500 1-10       4-20

Working video of Lego clay brick press machine:

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